August 25, 2012

100 Abandoned Houses in The Daily Mail

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I am in the tabloids…and it’s not for photos of me in an embarrassing situation in Vegas, so I think it’s a good thing. It’s actually very nice. I’m happy to be in such a well read publication. I almost missed the opportunity too.

When my site, 100 Abandoned Houses went done a couple of months ago, I transferred the site to a different host. It was a late night affair…of course, and I did not reconfigure the email. I tested it, but the DNS propagation must not have finished, because my test worked. I never got another email to my address on the site after that.

While that should have been a red flag, I was busy, and didn’t think much of it. When I figured it out the other day, I stumbled across several hundred emails I hadn’t known existed (If you were one of those who emailed me there, I’ll be getting back to you shortly). There was a message from The Daily Mail, asking if it would be alright to feature my project, 100 Abandoned Houses on their site. Fortunately they were still interested. Now my project is featured on The Daily Mail