September 10, 2012

Regarding sold out images and editioned prints

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Occasionally I get questions about what exactly an ‘edition of 10’ actually means. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, an edition is the number of prints that will be made from each negative. Editions are often reproductions of the original. Of course, in photography, the original would be the negative, plate, transparency, or raw digital file, meaning that the original is never sold, and everyone that is sold is a reproduction. In this case almost all of the originals would be negatives (a few would be transparencies, and one is a raw digital file). At the size of 5×5 inches, I will only sell a maximum of 10 reproductions (prints) of each image. Once I sell 10, the image is sold out in the 5×5 inch size.

I do sell larger sizes of all the prints, and in many cases I’ve sold prints as large as 24×24 inches. Any size that I sell is limited to 10 prints, before that edition is sold out. Why do I do that? The first reason is people like it. It limits the number of prints of any one image that is out there to 10, so unlike a mass produced poster, the prints are a little more unique. The second reason is that I don’t want to find myself printing the same images over and over. I need a bit of variety.

So far, eleven images are sold out in the 5×5 inch size. They are:

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