September 14, 2012

Films about Detroit

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I’ve recently come across some newer films about Detroit. They both seem to have a similar take. That is they show Detroit as a fairly depressed place, they also show Detroit as a city of opportunity. Both angles are correct, of course. It all depends on your point of view. Perhaps it’s a great big, blank slate for a 22 year old creative looking for an inexpensive place to try out your dreams, but it’s possibly the worst place to be if you’re a 50 year old laid off auto worker.

BBC’s take on it…

Street Fighting Man
This documentary looks intriguing, and like Detroit itself, seems utterly depressing, and a little bit inspiring at the same time. Some are trying to tear the place down, while others work to lift it back up. All are simply trying to make it.

Both add to a growing list of films about Detroit. Here are just a few of them:


The Farmer and the Philosopher

Blueprint America: Beyond the Motor City

Detroit Lives (featuring Johnny Knoxville)

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